About Us
Edge Colours

The first inkjet inks manufacturer
in the MENA region

Edge Colours Hassle-Free inks

Edge Colours is a digital inkjet inks manufacturer, our inks designed & developed to meet digital professional printers’ expectations. For customers who use inkjet inks; we provide high-quality nano inks with strong and bright colors that boost your productivity and optimize your cost.

Edge Colours adopt a group of manufacturing strategies which is reflected in competitive advantages in our products on both aspects quality & price. We are building up our product to meet most of the digital printing applications such as outdoor/indoor, Textile, Ceramic, UV. Capitalizing on our R&D team and quality control processes we deliver high quality and reliable products with consistent quality from batch-to-batch.

Our Experiences

As an inkjet inks manufacturer we capitalize on more than 30 years’ experience in printing & packaging industry across Middle East region. In addition to 15 years’ experience in chemicals & coatings manufacturing in different applications in printing & packaging.
The founder has been established different companies in manufacturing printing inks & coatings:
• Solvent based inks for flexible packaging applications (Roto & Flexo)
• Water based inks for corrugated board
• Press-room chemicals
• Construction paints

In-house R&D capabilities

Edge Colours in-house R&D’s scientists are committed to develop smart solutions within the inkjet ink industry which is reflected on product designing & efficient technical support.
We focus on using science and technology trends as tools to provide commercial advantages to our customers, exposure to such a broad range of manufacturing technologies help us well when seeking to introduce new products to a particular industry.

Quality is our destination

we have strict quality assurance (QA) process started with raw materials selection and inspection to filtration and packing. We depend on high quality and efficient equipment to inspect each step in the manufacturing process under supervision of qualified quality control chemists.
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Professional B2B partners

We believe in long-term relationship and win-win situation, We manage the relation with our distributors in a professional way, through certain criteria, starting with the selection for right distributor in each country we serve and also through efficient processes & tools which facilitate managing our mutual business cooperation. Our business model based on partnership with the right distributor in the targeted countries, with full support on different aspects, marketing, technical support and logistics.

Manufacturing Capabilities

• 10,000 square meter facility (expandable to 30,000 SQM)
• Manufacturing capacity 25 tons of signage ink per week
• Strict raw material inspection equipment
• Customer established QA procedures
• On-site warehousing
• Packaging capabilities
• Private label capabilities