Eco Solvent Inkjet

Edge Colours ES is an eco solvent based digital ink for printing with the highest pigment concentration. Our eco-solvent inks (ES), are suitable for high quality vivid colors printing with no-toxicity, no-pollution, odor-less and environmentally friendly. Our aggressive filtration standards deliver superior performance and maximize printing system uptime and performance. Eco-Solvent inks are developed to give excellent adhesion, excellent scratch & UV light resistance. Intensive test performed on different printers equipped with Epson printing heads (DX5, DX7). has shown excellent properties of run stability.

General Features and Ink Properties:

• High optical density.
• Vibrant colors and high gloss.
• Low odor formulation.
• Long-term outdoor performance.
• Enhanced drying characteristics minimize the risk of “clogging”.
• Plug and play inks with limited or no change in the printing machine parameters.
• Wide color gamut helps in excellent color range.
• Perfect rheological properties give the ink stable physical properties during its processing.

Product details

The product is suitable for all printers equipped with
Epson piezoelectric technology (DX5 & DX7).

Viscosity< 10 CP
Surface Tension28 – 31 dyne/cm²
Particle Size Range< 250 nm
Light Fastness7 -8
Odor odorless


• 1 liter pack - 20 per box.

Private label option


• Cyan
• Magenta
• Yellow
• Black
• Light Cyan
• Light Magenta
• Flush / Cleaner

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